Open for Lunch and Dinner Tuesday Through Sunday.
We are Closed on Monday.

Introducing Moran’s Catering

I would like to introduce to you to Moran’s Catering, Inc., a catering company designed to provide affordable, nutritious and delicious meals to individuals entering a healthy lifestyle of recovery from drugs and alcohol.

Moran’s Catering can provide for all your clients’ dietary needs.  All balanced menus are developed and approved by a Registered Dietician.  Each menu is developed according to USDA recommended food groups. DCF Licensed agencies will not need to contract with a Registered Dietician.-This is a cost saving for all licensed agencies!

Moran’s Catering is the right choice.  Although our staff includes cooks and chefs with over 50 years of culinary experience, the majority of our staff is comprised of individuals in recovery, who have experienced difficulty with employment due to consequences from their addictions.  We provide on the job training and are currently in the process of developing working relationships with restaurants throughout Palm Beach County to employ our clients when they are ready to enter the mainstream.

Moran’s Catering has the foundation and experience to meet your needs.  The kitchens are currently serving over 100 meals daily for Wellington Retreat and catering special events.  References are available upon request. The attached menu is just a sample of what you can expect from our kitchens.

I truly hope to hear from you soon.  Help us help our clients heal.

Catering Manager, Zach Levenson at (561) 279-5871.  Mangiare!